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At Mainely Applique, I specialize in:

* Quality, custom-made applique and embroidery designs
* Each item made with care and prayer
* Designs that add beauty and fun to your life!

My husband and I are originally from Maine.  Although we now live in Texas, Maine is still dear to our hearts. So when I decided to start my business, the name Mainely Applique was the perfect fit.

Please look through the product photos to see some examples of my work.  If you don't see the item or design you're looking for, send me an e-mail. I have many embroidery and applique designs available and would enjoy working with you to create the perfect gift for someone special - or that unique item just for you!  Also - I'll be adding new items, so check back often!


Also - did you know that Mainely Applique has another website? It's HamThreads by Mainely Applique and you can find it at This is your one stop shop for clothing and accessories for the amateur radio community. So, if you're a ham, or know someone who is, please check it out!

Thanks for visiting Mainely Applique!

Diane Crane

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